Dmitry Makhonin: In Prikamye, conditions are being created to stimulate investments in all sectors of economy.
On January 15, in the framework of the Gaidar Forum, Russia and the World: Challenges of the New Decade, held in Moscow, an expert discussion, "How to move to the regional development budget?", was taken place. The first Deputy Minister of Finances of the Russian Federation, Leonid Gornin, the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, Andrey Ivanov, the Governor of the Perm region, Dmitry Makhonin, and heads of other regions took part in it.
As Leonid Gornin remarked, the concept of the development budget includes not only direct expenditures on the development of social infrastructure in the regions, but also expenditures in the form of subsidies and tax preferences. According to his words, the last year had an unprecedented level of additional support for the subjects of the Russian Federation provided by federal authorities. "If we talk in general it is more than 1.3 trillion rubles, starting from subsidies and ending up with other inter-budget transfers. We have already provided for 100 billion rubles in the federal budget law to partially compensate for the loss of revenues to regional budgets. The state will also allocate 1 billion rubles to support local self-government bodies," he said.
During the discussion, the Governor of the Perm region, Dmitry Makhonin, indicated that in 2020, due to the reduction in income taxes, the loss of income in Prikamye amounted to 26 billion rubles. At the same time, the Head of the region highlighted that, despite this, the region has not reduced its investment and social obligations.
"In the budget for the three-year period, which was adopted in the region last autumn, 70 % is current social obligations, all the rest is investments, including for business support and realization of existing projects. It is very important that last year none of the investors of Prikamye refused to implement their plans," Dmitry Makhonin made a point.
The Governor of the Perm region also added that last year, in order to support the development of investments at the regional level, two laws were adopted: concerning investment tax deduction and a reduced income tax rate for regional investment projects. In addition, the Perm region has signed an agreement with OOO "SIBUR" (LLC), in respect to a cooperation in the creation of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Osentsovsky industrial hub of the region.
The goal of attracting investors is to increase the number of territories of priority social and economic development (TOSER) in the region. Today, in Prikamye, this status is assigned to two municipalities – Chusovoy and Nytva. "Chusovskaya TOSER ranks the 7th place in terms of ratings in the country. There are about 20 residents registered in it," the Head of Prikamye specified.
The authorities of Perm Territory are rapidly developing the non-resource-based sector of economy, supporting at the same time investment projects in agriculture, IT, small and medium-sized businesses. In 2020, the region decided to subsidize processors of long-term dairy products. Thanks to this decision, there were projects launched in order to create the country's largest storage of cheeses, production of "nemoloko" (oat products – editor), dry and condensed milk. Two private technoparks are engaged in supporting developers of IT solutions. By 2026, it is planned to open 5 industrial parks in the Perm region.
"The Perm region is not just about industry, oil refining and big chemicals. It is a complex, bright, and interesting economy, where there is a place for agriculture and services, IT and the industrial sector as well", Dmitry Makhonin pointed out.
During the discussion, the Governor of Prikamye drew attention to a reform of development institutions (state-owned companies that support economic sectors – editor), which is currently being implemented in the country. Dmitry Makhonin suggested paying more attention to work in regional offices. "It is necessary that the development institutions themselves offer support to investors on the places and explain the possibilities of certain tools that the state is ready to offer," the Head of the Perm region said.
It should be noted that today the regional authorities together with the State Development Corporation of Russia VEB.RF are realizing projects for the construction of 7 schools on the territory of Prikamye.
In conclusion, Dmitry Makhonin pointed out that regional authorities are focused on long-term planning – at least 10 years. For this period, in particular, the first program for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region was developed, and a Strategy for socio-economic development is being developed as well. More
Indian investor intends to develop pharmaceutical production in Kueda
Representatives of the group of companies "Advanced" developing a pharmaceutical factory in the v. Kueda (the Perm region) at a meeting with the heads of regional departments - the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Health, as well as the Investment Development Agency, discussed promising directions for the development of pharmaceutical production in Prikamye.
The pharmaceutical factory for production of parenteral drugs (enter the body bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, with the help of injections and inhalations) operated in the v. Kueda since 2013. However, starting from 2015, the factory became unprofitable, which led to the loss of employment and relocation of qualified specialists from the territory. In January 2019, the factory was officially acquired by and became the part of the group of companies "Advanced".
At the meeting, the General Director of the group of companies "Advanced", the representative of the Indian business alliance, Mr. Rajesh Sharma with the heads of regional departments - acting the Minister of Economic Development and Investments Eduard Sosnin, acting the Minister of Health Anastasia Cruten, the General Director of the Investment Development Agency Pavel Noskov, Mr. Sharma pointed out that today the pharmaceutical factory in Kueda demonstrates a precise schedule for implementation of works on factory reconstruction, which, in turn, is a major prerequisite for further production run in the spring 2021:
- Our company’s mission, - says Rajesh Sharma, - is to provide the domestic population with highly effective vital medicines in the healthcare system of the Russian Federation by introducing a full cycle of innovative technologies to create own ready-made medicinal products of the highest international level. One of our activities is the production of medicines in the form of infusions used for the treatment of tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, and other vital pharmacotherapeutic groups. On the basis of OOO "AdvancedPerm" (LLC) it will be planned to produce 12 drugs (some of which have already been registered, some are being registrated). Today, more than 100 million rubles have already been invested in the development of the enterprise, and it is planned to create more than 100 job places.
Currently, a complete reconstruction is on, in accordance with the requirements for pharmaceutical production. The planned capacity of the factory will allow to produce more than 8 million vials of infusion solutions per year.
Also, among the immediate plans of the investor, to obtain the "priority" status for the project, which will allow to receive consulting and administrative support from the Investment Development Agency of the region. In addition, in order to attract highly qualified personnel to work for the company, the investor won support of the regional Ministry of Health.
- The expansion of cooperation with the Indian investor, who also develops production on one of the territories of the region, is a very positive story for the development of investment climate in our region. This is because that apart from the economy of this investment project, the social component is also important here: new production facility will help attract highly qualified personnel to the territory and reduce the migration outflow of the population, said Eduard Sosnin, acting Minister of Economic Development and Investments of the Perm region.
Mr. Rajesh Sharma thanked for the friendly reception and the interest shown to the company: "It is significant to leave a good mark on history, I'm glad that I, as an India's representative, have this opportunity to implement such a project and contribute to the development of the region".

"Advanсed" is a group of national companies that produce and distribute medicines for the treatment of tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, and other vital pharmacotherapeutic groups.
The group of companies “Advanced” includes:
Advanced Trading – a fast-growing national company that uses advanced technologies in Russia. Medical products are of international quality standards WHO GMP; US FDA. They are recommended by reputable international organizations, such as UK MHRA, GLC, and national experts.
Advanced Pharmaceuticals – a multi-field complex for the production of solids in the form of tablets and capsules. The complex is located in the Belgorod region in the Severny industrial park on a land plot of 1.65 hectares. The project is included in the investment program for the development of the Belgorod region. The total cost of the planned investments is 1.5 billion rubles.
Advanced Perm – a production facility for manufacturing of parenteral solids in the form of infusion solutions. The complex is located in the Perm region, village of Kueda. More